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Orbital is a preferred software development outsource partner for some of the world's leading software companies. We make software outsourcing predictable and simple – offering our clients expert software development services on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux and many mobile platforms like Apple iOS and Google Android.

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Cross Platform Development
Cost Effective Software Development Services for Multiple OS Platforms

Orbital offers cross platform software development services across a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, UNIX and Linux.

  • Mac Development - Orbital can develop software applications for Mac OS 7.5 to the latest version of Mac OS X, including classic, carbon and native Mac OS environments.
  • Windows Development - Orbital can develop software applications that run on any Windows platform.
  • UNIX / Linux Development - Orbital can develop software applications for any variety of UNIX or Linux platforms.

Design and Development


Given the breadth of our development abilities, Orbital has developed a cross-platform development framework that allows us to effectively research and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients. The following general steps are typically involved in cross platform software design and development.


Platform Research

Orbital's design team will research all the platforms for which applications are to be developed and determine the strengths and weaknesses of each. We will then ascertain the best corresponding approach for the cross platform software development, given the required application functionality. Client interaction is encouraged during the research phase to ensure that all parties agree to an optimal course of action.


Shared Code Approach

Orbital's design team typically uses a "Shared Code Approach" when developing applications for one or more platforms. This provides maximum efficiency during the development process. With this approach, core functionality is shared between the applications being developed. Core functionality is that portion of the program code that is platform independent and should therefore not be modified during the development process. This code typically includes patented or common algorithms and other basic functionalities that define the essence of how a program behaves.


This methodology provides for optimal development efficiency, in that it reduces the level of effort required, while ensuring maximum "closeness" between the two or more applications being developed on different platforms.



Once the above issues have been addressed, Orbital will develop the software application on a target platform in a manner that meets the exacting needs of our client.


Quality Assurance

We continuously test the software throughout the development process. To ensure our client is up to date during the development process, we traditionally set interim milestones that demonstrate the progress of the project. These small drops usually contain executables, accompanied with release notes that outline key advances, additional features and any outstanding or resolved issues since the last drop. The client Product Manager or Program Manager and one or two QA Engineers usually see these drops.


Acceptance Testing

Once we have completed our internal testing of a software application, we ship the software product to our client for Acceptance Testing, prior to client sign off on the product. During this phase, the client concentrates QA resources on the product. Orbital provides several channels to deliver these drops to the client safely and securely.


Benefits of Cross Platform Software Development


Entry into Multiple Markets

By offering a software application on multiple platforms, our clients are able to achieve increased sales by offering their software products to multiple market segments that are not accessible via a single platform.


Reduced Per-Unit Development Costs

By developing a software application on multiple new platforms, our clients are able to spread their software development costs over a larger volume of units.


Need Multi-platform Software Development Assistance?


Contact us for additional information about our cross platform software development services.



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