Proven Software Development Services from a Partner You Can Trust

First, we understand your needs and key drivers for success

At Orbital, we understand that there is more to developing software than writing code. First, we have to understand your goals and business objectives so we can be a true partner in developing your software solution. Once we understand your unique needs we can begin the process of delivering quality software on time and on budget. We know that your company’s product plan and development schedule are paramount to success. We work with our clients to ensure the highest level of compliance and to support them throughout their product’s lifespan. In today’s competitive environment, the pressures on companies to deliver product with advanced capability and improved user functionality are intense. We understand that in order to be successful our clients need to deliver innovative software solutions to their customers in a timely manner – with the right functionality and the right technology mix – knowing that their products may be used in ways that can’t always be foreseen.

Then, we deliver results you expect

We have a long and proven track record developing custom software products for many of the world's leading companies. We repeatedly work with companies like Apple and Microsoft to develop custom software components or entire applications for often complex or resource intensive projects. Our developers have an average of over ten years development experience coding and working with numerous languages, protocols, platforms, frameworks and technologies. At Orbital, we specialize in working with new technologies and being able to adapt and integrate those technologies to deliver real world software that people use. We know that providing great software is more than just providing quality code. That’s why we provide professional project management and learn our client’s processes to ensure compliance with their coding standards and project expectations. Our clients are assured of receiving a complete and quality software solution tailored to their needs.

We always have your best interests in mind

At Orbital, we want to be your software development partner on the next project as well. So, we always make sure that every step we take will provide you with a positive outcome. We also respect your Intellectual Property and your business domain. We never make a claim on the IP contained in the software we develop with you and we never share your business domain details with other clients. What you do get from our experience with other clients is a wealth of knowledge regarding different technologies and development approaches. Equally important to the security of our client’s IP during a project is the knowledge transfer back to them upon its completion. We work diligently to safeguard our clients IP and ensure proper and complete knowledge transfer back to them at project end.