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Orbital Technologies delivered more than we expected, and the total cost less than budgeted. Orbital lived up to their reputation for professionalism and ability to deliver. We'll certainly work with Orbital again.



- QA Manager,
   Adobe Systems

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Project Deliverables
Quality Software, On-Time and On-Budget

Orbital’s experience, skill and proven software development process offers our clients unsurpassed value when quality, professional project management and rapid time to market are critical for their success.


1. Rapid Time to Market


Our software development process has been proven to speed our clients’ products to market. By outsourcing software development to Orbital, our clients attain a solution that meets their exact needs within their necessary timeframe. In order to achieve rapid time to market, we employ our proven software development process to develop an entire application or a specific software component that is built concurrently with our client's in-house development efforts.


2. Quality


Our software development process enables us to provide quality, custom software development services. We work closely with the various members of our client's team to ensure that product quality is properly addressed. When we execute a project, we focus on providing the following quality drivers to the various members of our client's team:

  • Engineering Manager – Strict adherence to development specification
  • Product Manager – Strict adherence to product specification
  • QA / QC Personnel – High quality software, complete with engineering level QA

3. Management


Our software development process allows us to professionally manage projects independently. As a result, we are able to minimize the management cycles our clients invest in a given project, allowing them to focus on their core competencies or other tasks at hand.


4. Additional Development Resources


We provide software development resources to our clients at times when their development requirements exceed their internal capacity. When this occurs, we are very flexible, and we are able to provide expert software development talent from within the Orbital team. We can take on a specific portion of the overall project and work closely with our client's development manager to ensure proper coordination.


5. Overall Value


We offer quality software development services and a minimal total cost of ownership to our clients. When we calculate total cost of ownership, we consider all of the time and resources that our clients invest in a project – from the first step of problem definition, to final product delivery and on-going support. Following our software development process, we provide our clients with unsurpassed value, delivering a high quality product to meet their exact needs, on-time and on-budget.


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